Why Was Web Soup Cancelled

Why Was Web Soup Cancelled

Why Was Web Soup Cancelled?

Web Soup was a television show that aired on G4 from 2009 to 2011. Hosted by Chris Hardwick, the show featured humorous commentary on viral videos from the internet. Despite its popularity and cult following, Web Soup was abruptly cancelled after just two seasons. Fans were left wondering why the show was taken off the air, and here are some possible reasons:

1. Low Ratings: One of the main factors that contributed to the cancellation of Web Soup was its relatively low ratings. While the show had a dedicated fan base, it failed to attract a significant mainstream audience, which ultimately led to its demise.

2. Network Restructuring: G4, the channel that aired Web Soup, underwent a significant restructuring in 2011. This resulted in the cancellation of several shows, including Web Soup, as the network shifted its focus to more gaming-centric content.

3. Change in Programming Strategy: G4’s decision to cancel Web Soup may have been driven by a change in their programming strategy. The network may have wanted to move away from clip-based shows and focus on producing original content that aligned more closely with their target audience’s interests.

4. Limited Appeal: While Web Soup had a devoted fan base, its appeal may have been limited to a niche audience. The show’s humor and content may not have resonated with a broader demographic, making it less attractive to advertisers and ultimately leading to its cancellation.

5. Budget Constraints: Producing a television show involves significant costs, from talent fees to production expenses. If Web Soup was not generating enough revenue through advertising or sponsorships, the show’s budget constraints could have contributed to its cancellation.

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6. Creative Burnout: Hosting a show like Web Soup, where the focus is on making jokes and commentary on internet videos, can be creatively challenging. After two seasons, it’s possible that Chris Hardwick and the production team felt burnt out or struggled to come up with fresh material, leading to the decision to end the show.

7. Competition: Web Soup faced stiff competition from similar shows like Tosh.0, which aired on Comedy Central and had a similar format. The success of Tosh.0 may have overshadowed Web Soup and contributed to its cancellation.

8. Lack of Promotion: The cancellation of Web Soup may also be attributed to a lack of promotion by the network. Insufficient advertising and marketing efforts could have resulted in low viewership and ultimately the cancellation of the show.


1. Will Web Soup ever come back?
Unfortunately, there are no current plans to revive Web Soup.

2. How many seasons of Web Soup were there?
Web Soup had two seasons, airing from 2009 to 2011.

3. Can I still watch Web Soup online?
Some episodes of Web Soup are available on various online platforms.

4. What was the premise of Web Soup?
Web Soup featured humorous commentary on viral videos from the internet.

5. Who hosted Web Soup?
Chris Hardwick hosted Web Soup.

6. How popular was Web Soup?
While it had a dedicated fan base, Web Soup did not achieve significant mainstream popularity.

7. Why did G4 cancel Web Soup?
G4 underwent a restructuring and decided to focus on gaming-centric content, leading to the cancellation of Web Soup.

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8. Is there a similar show to Web Soup?
Tosh.0, which aired on Comedy Central, had a similar format to Web Soup and gained significant popularity.