What Does the Ip Address Represent?

What Does the Ip Address Represent?

What Does the IP Address Represent?

IP addresses play a crucial role in identifying devices on a network. They serve as unique identifiers for devices connected to the internet or a local network. One such IP address is Let’s dive into what this address represents and answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about it.

The IP address falls within the private IP address range, specifically within the Class C network range. It is commonly used in home networks or small office networks. The “/29” refers to the subnet mask, which determines the network and host portions of the IP address.

Here are some FAQs about the IP address

1. What is the purpose of the IP address
– It is assigned to a device on a network to enable communication with other devices within the same network.

2. How many IP addresses are in the subnet?
– A /29 subnet mask provides 6 usable IP addresses, with 2 reserved for network and broadcast addresses.

3. What is the network address for this subnet?
– In this case, the network address is

4. What is the broadcast address for this subnet?
– The broadcast address is

5. Can I assign any IP address within the range of to
– Yes, these addresses are part of the usable IP addresses within the subnet.

6. Can devices with different subnet masks communicate with each other?
– Devices with different subnet masks cannot communicate directly unless a router is involved.

7. Can I change the subnet mask for devices on the network?
– Yes, the subnet mask can be modified, but it should be done carefully to ensure network connectivity.

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8. What happens if I assign an IP address outside the range defined by the subnet mask?
– If an IP address outside the subnet range is assigned, it will not be recognized within the network, causing connectivity issues.

In conclusion, the IP address represents a device within a network using the Class C private IP address range. The subnet mask “/29” indicates the number of usable IP addresses within the subnet. Understanding IP addresses and their associated subnet masks is essential for proper network configuration and communication between devices.