How to Connect Pura to WIFI

How to Connect Pura to WIFI

How to Connect Pura to WIFI

Pura is a smart fragrance diffuser that allows you to control and customize the scent of your home using your smartphone. To fully enjoy its features, you need to connect it to your home WIFI network. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to connect Pura to WIFI.

Step 1: Download the Pura App
Start by downloading the Pura App from the App Store or Google Play Store. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Step 2: Create an Account
After downloading the app, create an account using your email address and password. If you already have an account, simply log in.

Step 3: Set Up Pura Device
Plug in your Pura device and make sure it is within range of your WIFI network. The device will start blinking blue, indicating that it is ready to connect.

Step 4: Add a New Device
Open the Pura app and tap on the “+” icon to add a new device. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your device.

Step 5: Connect to WIFI
When prompted, select your home WIFI network from the list of available networks. Enter your WIFI password and wait for the Pura device to connect to your network.

Step 6: Customize Settings
Once connected, you can start customizing your scent preferences and scheduling routines using the Pura app. You can control the intensity of the fragrance, set timers, and even create personalized scent schedules for different times of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Connecting Pura to WIFI:

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1. Can I connect Pura to a 5GHz WIFI network?
No, Pura can only connect to 2.4GHz WIFI networks.

2. What if my WIFI network is hidden?
If your WIFI network is hidden, you can manually enter the network name and password in the Pura app.

3. How many Pura devices can I connect to my WIFI network?
You can connect multiple Pura devices to your WIFI network, allowing you to control and scent different rooms in your home.

4. Can I connect Pura to a guest network?
Yes, you can connect Pura to a guest network, but keep in mind that you may experience limited functionality.

5. What if I change my WIFI network or password?
If you change your WIFI network or password, you will need to go through the setup process again to connect Pura to the new network.

6. Can I control Pura remotely when I’m away from home?
Yes, you can control Pura remotely as long as your smartphone is connected to the internet.

7. Can I connect Pura to a public WIFI network?
Connecting Pura to a public WIFI network may not be possible or may have limited functionality due to network restrictions.

8. What if I encounter connectivity issues?
If you encounter connectivity issues, try resetting your Pura device, restarting your router, or contacting Pura customer support for further assistance.

Connecting Pura to WIFI is a straightforward process that allows you to fully enjoy the features of this smart fragrance diffuser. Follow the steps outlined above, and you’ll be able to customize and control your home’s scent with ease.

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