How to Connect My Onn TV to WiFi Without Remote

How to Connect My Onn TV to WiFi Without Remote

How to Connect My Onn TV to WiFi Without Remote

In this digital age, having a smart TV is a great way to enjoy your favorite streaming services, browse the internet, and stay entertained. However, what happens when you lose or misplace your TV remote and need to connect your Onn TV to WiFi? Don’t worry, there are still ways to get your TV connected without a remote. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect your Onn TV to WiFi without a remote:

Step 1: Check if your TV has physical buttons
Some Onn TVs come with physical buttons located on the side or back of the TV. Look for buttons like Power, Menu, Volume, and Channel. These buttons can be used to navigate the TV’s menu and settings.

Step 2: Power on your TV
Press the Power button to turn on your Onn TV.

Step 3: Access the TV’s menu
Use the Menu button to access the TV’s menu. If you can’t find a physical Menu button, try pressing the Home button or the button with three horizontal lines.

Step 4: Navigate to the Network settings
Using the arrow buttons, navigate to the Network settings. It may be labeled as Wireless, WiFi, or Network.

Step 5: Select the WiFi network
Once you’re in the Network settings, use the arrow buttons to select your WiFi network from the available options. Press the Enter or OK button to confirm your selection.

Step 6: Enter the WiFi password
If your WiFi network is password protected, a keyboard will appear on the screen. Use the arrow buttons to navigate and select the letters or numbers to enter your WiFi password. Press Enter or OK when done.

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Step 7: Connect to WiFi
After entering the password, select the Connect or Join button to connect your Onn TV to the WiFi network.

Congratulations! Your Onn TV is now connected to WiFi without using a remote.


1. Can I use the Onn TV remote app to connect to WiFi?
Yes, if you have an Android smartphone, you can download and install the Onn TV remote app from the Google Play Store. The app allows you to control your TV and access settings, including the WiFi setup.

2. Can I use a universal remote to connect my Onn TV to WiFi?
Yes, if you have a universal remote that is compatible with Onn TVs, you can use it to navigate the TV’s menu and connect to WiFi.

3. What should I do if my Onn TV doesn’t have physical buttons?
If your Onn TV doesn’t have physical buttons, you may need to purchase a replacement remote or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

4. Can I connect my Onn TV to WiFi using an Ethernet cable?
Yes, if your Onn TV has an Ethernet port, you can connect it directly to your router using an Ethernet cable for a more stable connection.

5. How can I find the WiFi password if I don’t remember it?
You can check the WiFi password on your router’s settings page or contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.

6. What if I can’t find my WiFi network on the TV’s menu?
Make sure your WiFi network is working and within range. You may need to restart your router or move closer to it for better signal reception.

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7. Can I connect my Onn TV to a mobile hotspot?
Yes, you can connect your Onn TV to a mobile hotspot by accessing the Network settings and selecting the mobile hotspot network.

8. How do I disconnect my Onn TV from WiFi?
To disconnect your Onn TV from WiFi, go to the Network settings and select the Disconnect or Forget network option.